Monday, January 21, 2013

005 - Finnish-Podcast.Net - Jos mulle tulisi lähtö linnaan

Presidentinlinna - Presidential Palace, Helsinki
Welcome to episode number five. This episode is based on a short dialog and the slight confusion caused by the word "linna".

It is everyday spoken Finnish. The vocabulary is quite simple, what makes it challenging is the speed of the conversation.

The episode is based on the radio show Anonyymit kotikiusatut radio show episode: Kotini on linnani. You need to subscribe in order to get access to the episode files. Please use the form on the right side. You can unsubscribe any time if you are not pleased with the quality of information you get.

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Ali Bitarafan said...

you are doing a great job, It's very hard to find a finish podcast with text As I just started to learn. Please keep uploading new podcasts,thanks a bunch.

Florin said...

Unfortunately I am not going to do any more episodes as I have been working on a magazine just releases yesterday: You can read it online for free!