Saturday, July 10, 2010

004 - Finnish-Podcast.Net - Tykätä ja pitää

Two verbs:
tykätä and pitää = to like.

Welcome to this new episode of the Finnish podcast. This episode explains the two verbs and the difference in their usage.

You can download the podcast files here: the audio (mp3) and the transcript (pdf).

Enjoy the summer!
Hyvää kesänjatkoa!


Anonymous said...

Well done for the initiative!
We need more podcasts for learning Finnish. I love your language very much and hope this effort will help to keep it alive for generations to come!

Mr. Burns said...

Hey, thank you very much
it helped a lot
i'm just a begginer and i don't understand most of the things
you talk about.
but i still learn a little for episode

Thanks from Brazil

Kiitoskia Paljon

Olivia said...

I'm very excited to see a new episode finally up! Thank you very much!

This podcast is brilliant!


Ola said...

Hei :-) Thanks for the new episode. Your podcast is really helpful. Hope we can hear you soon ;-)
Ystävällisin terveisin Puolasta!

Anonymous said...

Hope you will continu

Marie Milton said...

Could you make another podcast? Some basic sentences like:
I am going home/to the shops/out, for example.
Your previous podcasts are very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Yes please do some more Finnish language podcasts. Tykkasin viimeisesta!

Anonymous said...

Hey Florin,

I just found your podcast and must say this is one of the bests ever ! This is really useful to begin to understand spoken finnish.

I hope you'll make new lessons soon :)

Pilgrim Wolfin said...

Great job, Florin!
Thank you for such amazing initiative. Your podcasts are very useful indeed.

Best regards,


Vitasam said...

Thanks for your efforts! It is a good idea!
Just a question - is it possible to get podcasts through some kind link mechanism, where podcasts will be visible for mobile podcast applications (like DogCatcher)? I'm not so familiar with podcast web-technologies, but hope you got my idea?

Florin said...

Here is an RSS link which should work with all podcatchers