Thursday, May 7, 2009

Call for podcast lessons ideas!

Hi everybody.

This is not a podcast episode, this is an article to call for your ideas to create the following podcast episodes. Please reply to this post with anything you would like me to use as topics for the coming episodes.

I am really looking forward to your replies so that I can resume the podcast episodes.

Have an inspired weekend!


Steve said...

Hi Florin,
How about a podcast that presents common idiomatic expressions (that don't translate well literally). For example, in english, to indicate a fairly close approximation, we say that something is "in the ballpark".

Simon (liftari) said...

I think when you are learning a new language is very important to know many words, maybe you can explore it.

congratulation! :-)

Anonymous said...

How about teaching us to understand some of the incomprehensible Finnish jokes. The ones that leave foreigners with a blank expression on their face.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you for these podcast lessons.
They're really useful and practicable in real life.
Please keep it on!
Thanks in advance!

gabi said...

terve, i hope you keep postcasting, what happen with lesson 4. Anyway nice job.

Olivia said...

I like Steve's idea of idiomatic expressions.
They are a real pain to try to translate.
Hope you keep podcasting. :)

ZenManji said...


Idomatic expressions would be awesome. Also, some lessons maybe about classroom common talk, at a cafe, or even a train station or travel related events. Just my two cents. I hope this really continues, you're doing a great job and it is a BIG help! Kiitos!

Anonymous said...


Ive been looking for Finnish podcast and yours is the only one
iv'e found.
so im planing to listen to them. :)
A suggestion for another lesson..maybe intruducion know..the comon words when you met someone...or something to get yourself around a place or such.
Ill download soon. and Kiitos!! (Yeah i know that word! :)

christina said...

hei! i am studying the finnish language here in the philippines, coz i'm planning of going to finland, hopefully soon! i must say that the language is really hard to learn. that's why i looked for a finnish podcast and yours is the one i found.

why don't you put a podcast about medical conversations, the one that is commonly used in the hospitals. i am a nurse and it will be a big help for me..=) kiitos!

Anonymous said...

I like the basics but also it would be nice to get some explanations of some of the more difficult concepts, like the difference between and usage of -na and -ksi endings, for example. Also, a breakdown of the many ways to say "can, be able to" and all the different shades of meaning. Finally, some rule clarification of the spoken usage of "mena"a"n/mentiin" etc. as compared to the normal written "menemme/menimme."


Anonymous said...


thanks for these great lessons. How about some job interview Finnish?


Heather said...


I have just started learning the Finnish language earlier this year and it has been very interesting so far, which is how I came to discover your pod casts. I hope that you will decide to continue and I look forward to your future lessons! It helps a great deal to hear someone that actually lives in the country, speaking it in daily life.


Caroline said...


Just wanted to say I think your podcasts are great. I have only just started learning Finnish and I find it really useful to hear the differences in the spoken language.
How about meeting someone and asking them about what they plan to do at the weekend


Victoria said...

Can I download the podcasts to my IPod?

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