Monday, June 9, 2008

002 - Finnish-Podcast.Net - Onpa kuuma!

Welcome back!

Episode two will present you a conversation related to weather and will discuss the usage of numbers in spoken Finnish. The podcast files are available here: the audio (mp3) and the text file (pdf).


Anonymous said...

Tere! :D

Im from Estonia and I would like to learn Finnish. Although it is similar to Estonian, I still find it very difficult.
I would like to listen to MEDICAL finnish (I am a medical student).
Maybe you can help me out?
Also, I like the idea of pointing out vocabulary in the podcasts.

Keep up the good work!

Helen (21)

Florin said...


I am glad you are interested in this podcast. Unfortunately I have no specific medical knowledge, so I will keep the language more general in the podcast.

I hope this will help you anyways.


Anonymous said...

Kiitos, Florin!
My grandmother grew up speaking Finnish here in the U.S. and has always wanted to share this part of our family's heritage with us. After our trip to Finland over the summer, I have been searching for a helpful method of learning the language, and I must say, your podcasts are one of the best things I have ever seen. Please, keep up the good work!!
-Jeremy Massachusetts, USA

Satish said...


Again a great podcast! I love the complete treatment of numbers. Look forward to your next podcasts!

Melbourne, Australia

Florin said...

Hi Satish,

Unfortunately I have had no time lately to keep this blog up to date with new episodes. I really cannot say when the next one is out... Hopefully still this year.


Gopal said...

Excellent :)