Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome to the Finnish Language Podcast


I have been too long in Finland now. And I still find it difficult sometimes to understand and speak Finnish, the so-called spoken Finnish. And it is not only me. My foreign friends complained about the same. And this is how the idea of this podcast has emerged...

The purpose of it is to help you, those who are truly seeking to get an insight of the "real" Finnish. To help you understand and produce it.

This is not a podcast for beginners. You need to know the basics of the language. I will not talk about the tenses of the verbs or about the cases of the nouns. I will talk about the spoken Finnish. You will hear short real life conversations and I will talk about different issues that will show up in the conversation.

This is the intention now at the beginning, the form and the content might get adjusted on the way.


Sigrid said...

wonderful idea, I'll be on the lookout for more podcasts!

Anonymous said...

niin iloinen tietää noin finnish podcast ja toivon se on parempi idea oppia suomen puhu kieli.

kiitos paljon

Susa said...

I just found your page, looking for a way to keep my knowledge of Finnish up after a 2 week intensive course, and want to say thank you! This really sounds like a great idea.

Gopal said...

Great idea! Kudos for the work. Will follow your podcast :)

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